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Steps to always do when someone breaks in!

It can be extremely traumatizing to find that someone has broken into your home or business. It’s nothing short of a nightmare in fact. Not only is there the sullenness and the staggering pain caused by the loss of possessions but also a very painful sense of violation that accompanies with it. But as John Wooden said, “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” we are here to provide you exactly that i.e. all the best options you have and things you can do after the unfortunate incident.

                Step 1: Try to note all the things that have been stolen

                To make a proper list of all the things that the house breaker purloined can be painful but surely, extremely rewarding. It not only helps with the police investigation but also for the indemnification as a complete list of valuables has to be submitted to the insurance company for the claim to be processed. It can make things much easier for the investigation as well not only for the police but also for you. One can never be too careful or comprehensive at times of such peril so it's not necessary to have an absolutely complete list. With many insurers, things can be easily added to the list after the initial submission so that should also not be a worry.

                Step 2: Avoid touching too much stuff before the Police arrive

                This is a matter of grave importance. Call the police as soon as you get to realize robbery and refrain from touching things. It is vitally important to avoid cleaning up until the police are done with their investigation of the scene for any possible evidence that may lead to the burglar. This also ensures the proper dusting for fingerprints.

                Step 3 Get the repairing done

                As soon as the police is done with their investigation and the processing of the scene, and you've made the necessary list of the lost items, it is highly advisable to call for repairs as soon as possible. There probably will be broken windows and door jabs along with the locks that might have been damaged by the thief. It is vitally important to get such things repaired as soon as possible. Not only for getting back the basic security for the house but also for assuaging the trauma and terror caused by the burglary as this should help in getting over the mental tension and bringing the “normal” back in life.